NEWS # 22 - NOVEMBRE 2017
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NEWS # 22 novembre 2017

From the robotic cell to the 4.0 factory.

Within the industry, we are constantly assaulted with terms like the Lean, the QRM (quick response manufacturing), the standards, digital factory, 4.0 industry, etc.

As a link between the final clients and integrators, it’s LUCAS’s mission to guide them to the right technologies regarding their company’s business philosophy.

To do so, like our mechanical modules, our software and control cabinet can combine themselves to answer all the different requirement of our clients.

  • Needing components to create a welding cell with a Lucas gantry ensuring the loading and the setting of parts that weights up too many tons.

    We can propose you a set with a gantry, a tacking and a Comau robot controllable with the same software on the c5g Comau cabinet.

  • Needing to create a complete line of machines under the same system of command enabling to have a programing unit and a post sale customer service.

    We can propose you robots and axis Lucas in “Open Robotics” (without cabinet Comau, mechanic only) controllable with B&R elements.

  • Needing to load, unload a machine tool and do completion with the same robot:

    We can propose you an application like Run MyRobot in partnership with Siemens where the CN Siemens controls directly the robot without the Comau cabinet (mechanic only). A CN operator can program directly the peripheral associated to his machine without knowing the robot’s programing.

  • Needing application in the tenth of precision?

    Lucas’s new options on the axis and the gantrys, like the double pinion gears and the use of Heideneim coding rules in complement of the CN type command cabinet (provided by Lucas or by the integrator) allowing static and dynamic compensation.

    use of a Lucas gantry robot to make a milling machine (société Coin)

  • To finish, you are wishing to create a digital factory where the different robotics elements communicate together, where the robot is the spearhead of an intelligence which transcends the limits of the robotic cell.

    Lucas Comau and his partners will help you to orchestrate technologies for an operation in harmony, bringing competitiveness to our French and European companies. Discover Comau’s vision of the 4.0 factory: the HUMANufactory

Video : HUMANfacturing - COMAU

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