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Control cabinets

  • Lucas Control

The Lucas Control control cabinet is easy to programme, high-performance and suitable for all your needs.

Control cabinets


You can manage all our axes with the Lucas Control system, based on SEW technologies, which comes in different packages:

Control cabinets


‘Mechanism only’, so that you can adapt your own control systems to our mechanism.
‘Drive/motor’, so that you can insert the robot into your preferred automation system.
‘Drive/motor/automation system’ for a ready-to-programme robot.
‘Drive/motor/automation system/HMI’ for a robot with a standard human-machine interface.

Control cabinets


Lucas can provide integrators with large, functional, fully connected robots on their premises or the end client’s premises. This way, there’s no need for the integrator to spend time on motorising or connecting the Lucas robot.


This control system for Lucas gantry robots aims to simplify the integration of your robots. The robot–control combination means the integrator is provided with a complete, coherent, preconfigured and tested system that is ready to be programmed and used.

Compatible fieldbuses

  • Profibus/Profinet
  • DeviceNet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • ModbusTCP
  • others through the use of gateways

Advantages of control system

  • Cables connected
  • Preconfigured
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to use

The control system can be used by an automation system, as a drive controlled through a fieldbus. The control system receives positioning instructions, and manages synchronisation and guides the robot on its own (manual movements, relative or absolute positioning, linear movement interpolated on all axes or free movement). The control system can take the form of an independent cabinet or a panel to be integrated into an existing cabinet. The advantage of the panel is that it blends into the existing cabinet, without seeming like an external element. It also avoids any duplication of equipment (casing, circuit breaker, external cables, etc.)

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