2 axis ATEX cartesian robot

Another 2-axis machine on its way to the end user facilities.

27 April 2021

Designed by our integrator partner PRST to work in an ATEX environment, this cartesian machine is composed of a wall mounted linear axis mounted on two lifting pillars. It is equipped with 2 P-350iA robots from Fanuc.

The main challenge here was to remain precise with a very heavy load to lift of 9 000Kgs. So as not to have oversized engines, we worked with Redex on an innovative solution : a counterweight in the master pillar and a well sized gearbox that allowed us to achieve our goals.

Protected linear axis wall-mounted on two lift pillars for ATEx environment. 

The protected linear axis allows the translation of th two poly robots around the piece on which a work of laser surfacing and coating is done. This machine is a great example of our capability to build taylor-made cartesian robots based on our standard products including for specific environment such as ATEX.