31 May 2023

The new LUCAS linear axis on the floor category 12 for large handling operations


Depuis la mise en place du configurateur LUCAS en 2018, la gamme d’axes linéaires et de portiques robotiques a été standardisée (catégorie 1 – embase de 390 x 400 mm à la catégorie 9 – embase de 1190 x 1380 mm), en proposant des solutions robustes, de haute qualité et polyvalentes.
Dans cette continuité, LUCAS est fier de présenter son nouveau standard, l’axe au sol de catégorie 12, conçu spécifiquement pour accompagner des opérations de manutention de pièces de grande envergure ou de masse très importante.

Since the launch of the LUCAS configurator in 2018, the range of linear axis and gantry robots has been standardised (category 1 – 390 x 400 mm base to category 9 – 1190 x 1380 mm base), offering robust, high-quality and versatile solutions.
Continuing this trend, LUCAS is proud to present its new standard, the linear axis on the floor category 12, specifically designed to support large or very heavy parts handling operations.

The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly and the need to machine large or heavy parts is increasing. Aware of these new requirements, LUCAS has extended its range and developed the category 12 ground spindle to meet these specific challenges.

This new axis makes it possible to fit robots with a base of 1590 x 1540 mm and an exceptional payload of up to 6 tonnes (robot + robot load), making it the ideal choice for operations requiring precise and safe handling of heavy loads. This axis is suitable for various types of robots such as KUKA KR 1000 titan, ABB IRB 8700 and many others…

visuel 1024x535 axesolcat12


  • High capacity: Lifts and moves loads previously out of reach of conventional solutions.
  • Precision and reliability: Smooth, controlled, jerk-free movements ensure accurate part handling even under the most demanding conditions.
  • Installation flexibility: It can be adapted to different plant configurations and easily integrated with other industrial robotic systems.
Available soon on our online configurator.
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