02 November 2021

LUCAS delivers a cat. 1 linear axis to the Université de Poitiers

If we specialise in heavy industrial projects where the ability to handle high loads is paramount, our range of standard linear axes and robot gantries starts with category 1. This category offers fast linear tracks with potentially long reach but limited load capacities. This allows us to explore domains such as cobotics or the design of robotic cells with small poly robots. As with all our products, the standard Category 1 floor-mounted linear axis are compatible with all brands of multi-jointed robots on the market.  


LUCAS works closely with the Université de Poitiers and its various programs ITECA, Pprime, ANR Mach4… in the framework of research projects around industrial robotics, digital twin, or man/machine interfaces. This category 1 on the ground linear axis was designed to accommodate a Comau Racer 3 polyarticulated robot. The objective of the university and its laboratories is to coordinate the 7th robotic axis and the polyarticulated robot so that they can be controlled as a single machine.