15 July 2021

A logistical challenge met to ship this large capacity 3-axis robot gantry

The testing of this Cartesian gantry and its vertical telescopic axis took several days in the workshop before it was ready for shipment. A challenge, since the gantry weighs almost 8 tons without its Comau polyarticulated robot.

This very special Cartesian robot was designed in collaboration with Comau for an end customer with several production sites worldwide. Other models are currently being tested or delivered/installed. To test and validate the behaviour of the telescopic Z-axis, we had to elevate the entire gantry using several lifting devices. The teams of the LUCAS robotics division had to show their ingenuity to achieve their goals. This 3-axis Cartesian robotic gantry is now on its way to the final customer’s facilities for installation and commissioning.

We look forward to showing you this robot at work in its magnificent environment! A video and a case study will be posted soon.

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