03 June 2021

VLM delivers a large capacity additive fabrication machine with 2 LUCAS linear axis

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a cutting-edge subject in industry with a very significant growth potential. IREPA Lasers, Aperam and their partners (École supérieure des technologies industrielles avancées (Bidart), Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy), 3D Prodways group (Paris) and the design office TPSH) are launching into the printing of large parts, with LUCAS axis.

Indeed, the machine was manufactured by our partner VLM Robotics and has two LUCAS motorised linear axis, the first serving as the 7th axis of the Comau poly robot and the second to move the part. The whole system is driven by Siemens Direct Control, a speciality of VLM.

As is often the case, our linear axis are used in cutting-edge projects by leading manufacturers and research and development companies. Here, it is the heavy-duty, precision and robustness of our axis that enable the robotic arms to perform their tasks.

Find out more about the PAM-Prod project on Equip Prod website : https://www.equip-prod.com/impression-3d/une-solution-economique-pour-fabriquer-des-pieces-de-grandes-dimensions-en-fabrication-additive/